International Office held a seminar of master’s program of Cape Breton University, Canada

Release time:2020-11-3 9:14:12

On October 27, the international office invited Ms. Ma and Ms. Du from the China Office of Cape Breton University, Canada(CBU) to introduce the university and its MBA program with BGD students.

At beginning, Ms. Ma introduced that Canada has a high quality of education and living environment. CBU highly focused on economic development, leadership, management and contingency management, so as to improve the students' ability of organization.


Then, Ms. Ma explained the "green channel" for BGD students to apply CBU, which offers flexible language requirement for BGD students. If BGD students do not have the IELTS and TOEFL scores, they just need attend CBU’s English test and take the matching English intensive course after being admitted. In addition, CBU offers six scholarships to the excellent BGD students. Students can work with payment during the school time, and they can apply for three years work visa after graduation
BGD students can choose to participate in this MBA program at their eighth semester, which will help them reducing learning time and learning cost. Certainly, they can also start their MBA study after they received their bachelor degree and diploma.


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