Gengdan Institute held a mobilization meeting about 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games language volunteer training

Release time:2020-11-16 14:26:46

In order to fully implement the spirit of the important instructions of Xi Jinping on "focusing on making a brilliant, extraordinary and outstanding Olympic Games", we will help Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games to serve the language, create the atmosphere of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and also enhance our students' English ability and expand their international vision. To achieve the training goal of serving the regional economic development and the society, the English teaching and research section of the Institute of Engineering and the physical education department held a mobilization meeting for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games language volunteer training in comprehensive building classroom 208 on October 29. Mr. Wang Jiasong, dean of Institute of Technology, Mr. Dai Xiong, director of the Department of physical education and 45 volunteers attended the meeting. This mobilization meeting was presided over by volunteer Zheng Shuyu. 


In his opening speech, Dean Wang Jiasong fully affirmed the great social significance of students serving the Winter Olympic Games as volunteers. He stressed that the Olympic Games is a grand event for athletes and volunteers. As a language volunteer, we should tell Chinese stories well in English, spread Chinese culture and make ourselves as a "Gengdan identification card", international vision and cross-cultural communication ability ". In explaining the significance of serving the Winter Olympic Games, Director Dai Xiong of the Department of physical Education pointed out that volunteers are the cornerstone of the Olympic and voluntary service is the most beautiful landscape of the Olympic Games. As a Gengdan volunteer, we should not only show the good spirit and outstanding youth of Gengdan students to the world, but also practice "telling Chinese stories, spreading winter Olympic culture, expounding Olympic spirit ", and serving the Winter Olympic Games with practical actions. Teacher Zhang Jingru of English Teaching and Research Office introduced the language volunteer training arrangements and relevant management requirements for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Mr. Zhang pointed out that the training methods of language volunteers are mainly face-to-face communication, WeChat group learning, online autonomous learning, site visit experience and professional lectures. The training contents are divided into three stages: general knowledge training, Winter Olympic Games, Olympic culture training and special post training. Students are required to sign in good faith, train on time, listen to and concentrate, strengthen after-class and observe rules and regulations.

Yang Lihong, the trainer's representative, said that volunteers are the inheritors of Olympic culture, and each volunteer bears the image of Gengdan. As volunteers, they should abide the service rules, keep in mind the code of conduct, master the service skills and promote volunteerism, so as to contribute to the success of the Beijing Olympic Games. Xue Yuang, a volunteer representative, said that participating in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is a good opportunity to show students' volunteer spirit. Serving the Winter Olympics is not only our honor and pride, but also our bounden duty and responsibility. We have the ability to prove to the society that we are a generation that can shoulder the important tasks.

The 45 volunteers who participated in the mobilization meeting were selected after strict Chinese and English interviews among nearly 100 applicants. We believe that this mobilization will help us to further understand the spirit of voluntary service and the Olympic spirit, also clarify the specific content of voluntary service. In the future, we must start from the details and ourselves. Use our spare time to complete 10 months of language training. We need to be hard training and serious preparation, In order to wait for the selection of the Olympic Organizing Committee, striving for early entry to the venue, serving the Winter Olympic Games, showing the style of young students in our university, showing the style of the younger generation,

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