International office held a seminar about the spring semester course of Hanyang University

Release time:2020-10-16 11:18:08

On October 7, international office held a seminar in classroom 208 of the comprehensive building about spring semester course of Hanyang University.


At the beginning of the seminar, Ms. Han Xi, project manager of international officefirst introduced the basic information of Hanyang University to the students, especially the Anshan campus where the course of exchange semester is located, including application procedures, application requirements and other details, to help students understand the specialty setting of this campus and encourage interested students to apply. 


Then, two students attended the course last year, Han Yijing, who majored in International Business and Trade of International Business School, and Meng Xiangcheng, an English major student from School of Humanities, shared their own experiences about study in Hanyang University.


At last, Ms. Han Xi encouraged that the students should try their best to know more about the international exchange opportunities which BGD created to students and make full use of the international resources, which can open up their own horizons and set up the future development goals clearly.

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